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Organizations  [back to top]

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers (ALPO)
Cleveland Museum of Natural History - Frontiers of Astronomy Lecture Series
International Dark Sky Association
OTAA - Ohio Turnpike Astronomers Association - Link disabled due to lack of maintenance of their site
SEDS - (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)


Astronomy Clubs, Societies and Associations in Northeast Ohio  [back to top]

Astronomy Club of Akron (ACA) Map to ACA's observatory

Map to BRAS's observing field

Map to CVAS's Indian Hill Observatory

Map to CAS's meeting location
Map to CAA's Letha House Observatory
Map to MVAS's Cortese Observatory
Map to RAS's Hidden Hollow Observatory
The Wilderness Center Astronomy Club Map to WCAC's Observatory


Dark Sky Observing Sites in Ohio (as reported by ACA Members)  [back to top]

Observatory Park Map to Observatory Park
Lake Logan Map to Lake Logan State Park
Hocking Hills

Map to Hocking Hills State Park

Scenic Vista in Lisbon

Map to Scenic Vista Park

Lake Milton area
Map to Lake Milton State Park
Gilford Lake
Map to Gilford Lake State Park
Salt Fork State Park
Map to Salt Fork State Park


Weather  [back to top]

Space Weather - News and Information about the Earth-Sun Environment
Local Weather - Enhanced Infrared Ohio Satellite map
Local Weather - National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image (Base Reflectivity)
United States Weather - GOES Real-Time U.S. Composite Satellite Animation
World Weather - GOES 12-hour loop of Infrared Satellite Images
Jet Stream Maps - Analyses and Forecast of the Jet Stream (high altitude winds which affect seeing)


Publications  [back to top]

Sky & Telescope
Astronomy Technology Today


Data Services  [back to top]

NASA Solar Eclipse Page
NASA Solar Eclipses by date interval, type, and magnitude, and plot results on Google maps
USNO Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, and Twilight etc...
How to pronounce constellation names
Custom Sunset/Sunrise Calendar
The Constellations by season - includes pronunciation recordings
The Messier Catalog
JPL Solar System Dynamics
Internet tool for planning a night of observing


Charts and Maps  [back to top]

An Atlas of the Universe - link removed due to site being hacked...
Heavens-Above for Akron, OH USA - satellite predictions
Sky Maps
Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas - wonderful to have with you at the telescope
Sky Atlas 2000 - a more complete reference at the telescope
Orion DeepMap 600 - another helpful tool when observing
Star Deck - Constellation Flashcards - print your own "flashcards" for fun & games


Software  [back to top]

Astronomer's Digital Clock (for Microsoft Windows) (free)
Stellarium Desktop Planetarium (free)
Cartes du Ciel (free)
The Simple Observing Log (TSOL) (for Microsoft Windows & MAC) (free)
Where is M13? (free)
TiltingSun3 & TiltingSun-G - Shows current position & orientation of the Sun (free)
Guide9 PC Software
TheSky by Software Bisque
Starry Night Software


Member Webpages - want your Webpage shown here?  Let us know!  [back to top]

Peter Clausen
"Glimpses of Heaven"

John Crilly
"Urban Observatory"

Ray & Pam Hyer
"Hyer Perspectives"

Lenny Marek
"Astronomy Webpage"

Dave Jessie
"Wonders of the Night Sky"
observing events in Stow


Merchants from whom members have had excellent service [back to top]

VENDOR list - Complete list of vendors of astronomical equipment
Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes
Oceanside Photo and Telescopes (aka OPT)
HighPoint Scientific
Scopestuff (Jim Henson)
DGM Optics Astro Filters (NPB, GCE, OIII, VHT)
Canon IS (Image Stabilized) Binoculars can be purchased here or here

Gift ideas - We recommend this, this or this telescope for the beginning astronomer

Other gift ideas:

Astronomy Magazine's My Science Shop recent ads
1)  Eclipse glasses & other eclipse products
2)  Last five years of Astronomy Magazine issues on DVDs

Canon IS (Image Stabilized) Binoculars can be purchased here or here


Other  [back to top]

Astronomy Magazine Online Newsletter - this link is updated weekly on Friday early afternoons
Sky & Telescope Online Newsletter - this link is updated weekly on Friday early afternoons
Astromart - Buy, sell or trade astronomy gear
Bad Astronomy
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
Collimating an SCT
Starry Night Lights - environmentally friendly lighting fixtures
'Uncle" Rod Mollise's Astro Blog - always an interesting read


FAQs about Astronomy  [back to top]

Can we see Apollo hardware left on the Moon with our biggest telescopes?
Exactly what is a "Blue Moon?"
Why does the Moon look bigger when it's near the horizon?

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