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Dave isn't an astro-imager, but wants to be included here to show the joys of public outreach.
Visual astronomy, outreach and the equipment - how much more fun can you have?

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Dave is shown here setting up his 12" Meade SCT in September 2004 for an outreach event in Stow, one of his favorite activities.   Dave getting first-light with the new TEC 140 on 4/15/08.  Mounted on a CGE and using Denkmeier II binoviewers, target was the waxing gibbous Moon.
Destination: outreach event!  The trailer carries several complete telescopes into the field behind Fishcreek School for an outreach event.  Doesn't everyone haul their gear with a garden tractor?   Outreach event in Stow in June 2007.  Photo taken by ACA member Ray Hyer.  Outreach is for the young - and for the young at heart.
Outreach event in Stow in June of 2007.  This child may wind up being a professional astro-physicist and make science-changing discoveries.  We can dream, can't we?   Outreach solar viewing setup showing side-by-side mounting on a CGEM DX.  Scope on left is a Coronado MaxScope 90 w/doublestacked h-α etalons.  This scope allows solar prominences, flares and plage to be seen. Scope on right is a Meade 102ED with a Baader Herschel Wedge for viewing details in sunspots.

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