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Jason Shinn aka "TrueMartian" to YouTube fans around the globe for his educational videos on various aspects of astronomy Solar Phenomena - Jason's forté
Three planets: Venus, Mars and Saturn, with accompanying radio frequency graphs Nova, with accompanying radio frequency graphs
Lunar close-up taken Aug 19, 2003
Equipment used: 10" Dob-mounted Newtonian 
Image captured onto Fuji 800 ACA film using the eyepiece projection method

Hale-Bopp - Mar 31, 1997

Hyakutaki - Mar 25, 1996

Both images taken with a tripod-mounted wide angle camera
It almost didn't happen! But... Here is a picture of the May 20, 2012 annular solar eclipse as observed shortly after 1st contact from Akron, OH USA! First contact was at 8:21 PM EDT and sunset occurred at 8:42 PM EDT. A VERY short window to catch this fleeting glimpse! . This image was taken at exactly 8:34:49pm EDT when the Sun was a mere 1.4° above the horizon
Image details:
    Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT
    Lens: 55mm
    Shutter speed: 1/4000 second at f/22 at ISO: 1600
Photo of the Stargate asterism in the constellation Corvus.
Photo of near-Earth asteroid 1998 QE2. .
Movie of near-Earth asteroid 1998 QE2 assembled from multiple single frames

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