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Monday November 11, 2019 at 7:30 AM

Status update: None posted yet...

This event requires good sky conditions and, living in Ohio, we all
know how unpredictable the weather can be. Cancellation, if necessary,
will be announced here so please check back before heading out.

Public Observing Event

Transit of Mercury!
Transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun.
Details, including viewing location, are not yet
finalized. They will be posted here once final arrangements have been made
!!!!!!  IMPORTANT NOTICE  !!!!!!
!!!!!!  IMPORTANT NOTICE  !!!!!!
!!!!!!  IMPORTANT NOTICE  !!!!!!
WARNING!!  To observe this event, specially
equipped telescopes are absolutely required!

A split second of unprotected naked-eye viewing
of the Sun can cause PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE


Full Details of the Transit are available by clicking here

Phases of the 2019 Transit of Mercury
As Seen from NE Ohio


Local Time

Position of Mercury in the Sky

Apparent location
on the Sun*



Contact I 7:36:29 AM 3.681 117.079 7 o'clock
Contact II 7:38:10 AM 3.966 117.366 7 o'clock
Greatest Transit 10:20:16 AM 26.264 150.571 upper left of center
Contact III 1:02:25 PM 30.385 194.731 above 3 o'clock
Contact IV 1:04:08 PM 30.302 195.199 above 3 o'clock
*note: in a non-inverting / non-reversing "binocular" type view

 Click for MAP & DIRECTIONS to ACA Observatory

.Visible satellite passes from the ACA Observatory:

.Solar System objects rise/transit/set times from the ACA Observatory on the date of this event...


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(or the <F5> key on your keyboard) for up-to-date information for the Clear Sky Chart below...


ical "seeing" (steadiness of the air), the shorter the arrows, the better.


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