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Friday September 14, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Status update: None posted yet...

This event requires good sky conditions and, living in Ohio, we all
know how unpredictable the weather can be. Cancellation, if necessary,
will be announced here so please check back before heading out.

Outreach Event:

Clay's Park Resort*
Space-themed Weekend
Observing event

Come out to show the attendees
the wonders of the night sky!

 Exact coordinates of observing field (for auto GPS units or computerized telescopes):
N40.857281  W81.599993  =>   N40 51' 26"  W81 36' 0"

Open observing will be the order of the event. The Moon will be a favorite target, as will Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and perhaps Neptune (although tiny!). There will be many DSOs (Deep Sky Objects) of all types to observe including a galaxy or two, open and globular clusters, planetary nebula, emission nebula, and double-stars. The constellation Sagittarius will be perfectly placed 20 above the southern horizon and it's full of fascinating objects. We'll be spending a great deal of time there! In other words, many objects of all types to observe and appreciate!
     If you've never looked through a telescope, now's your opportunity !


ACA members will arrive by 7:00pm to set up telescopes
while there's still daylight.
The exact location for set-up has not yet been determined.

Click here for MAP & DIRECTIONS to Clay's Park Resort
located on RT-93 less than 10 miles south of the ACA Observatory

*Clay's Park Resort
13190 Patterson St NW
North Lawrence, OH 44666

.Visible satellite passes from Clay's Park Resort:

Solar System objects rise/transit/set times on this date from Clay's Park Resort...


Sunset:     7:40 pm  (EDT)
Civil Twilight:     8:05 pm  (EDT)
Nautical Twilight:     8:37 pm  (EDT)
Astronomical Twilight:     9:10 pm  (EDT)
Moonrise:   12:18 pm  (EDT)  9/14/2018
Moon transit:     5:40 pm  (EDT)  9/14/2018
Moonset:   10:56 pm  (EDT)  9/14/2018
Moon phase:   30.99% (waxing crescent)
Apparent Moon diameter:   30.77 arcminutes
Moon distance:   241,211 miles =
1.295 light-seconds

The Moon will look like this tonight



Closest Clear Sky Chart to Clay's Park Resort...

ical "seeing" (steadiness of the air), the shorter the arrows, the better.


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